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3 Techniques to Burp on Command – Experience 5 Tips

3 Techniques to Burp on Command – Experience 5 Tips

3 Techniques to Burp on Command - Experience 5 Tips Yourself

Do you know what percentage of the population can burp on command? According to the reports, about 42% of American women can burp on command. Isn’t it amazing?

Burping is one of the simplest ways of relieving gas when it is concentrated in the stomach. Perhaps you want the keep your digestive system gas free or laugh it out with your friends. Whatever the reason is, you must know and learn how to burp on command easily.

In this blog, we will guide you about some amazing tips and techniques that can help you burp on command in a friend gathering, and it will not only help maintain the stomach gas but also help you feel light. So, continue reading to learn about what I mean when you can burp on command.

What is a Burp?

Burping is a common technique called eructation that may seem non-chanting. It is your body’s natural way to expel the excess gas from the upper digestive tract by swallowing excess air. The air mostly accumulates in the esophagus.

Burping is almost nothing to worry about. It is a natural phenomenon that expels the extra stomach gas. However, everybody, especially kids, does it once in a while, and it is very unusual not to burp; that means something is wrong with the kid’s body.

How to Burp on Command – 3 Techniques

It is safe to say that burping is a common technique for expelling extra air. Some people may sound loud, while others burp quietly.

But you may be thinking, is it bad to burp on command? Well, it is not. Doctors suggest making the kids burp after drinking milk.

Likewise, in the adults, expelling the extra gas burp on command is helpful. So, let’s dive into techniques to belt them out for on-demand burping.

1: The Air Gulp

One of the primary burping techniques is the air gulp technique which is the easiest, quickest, and most comfortable. In this technique, you exhale maximum air to empty your stomach.

Take a deep breath, hold it for as long as possible, and let it go. Finally, inhale one more breath and swallow the air like a drink.

Once you have gulped enough air, like you feel an air bubble in your gut, clench the abdominal muscles when the air rises. This simple air-gulping exercise will help you learn how to burp on demand without soda.

2: The Fizzy Chug

The carbonated beverages are available in the market act as fuel for belching. Drinking anything that builds up gas in the stomach triggers the impressive burp.

Grab the carbonated drink and drink it. This method allows you swallow maximum air and produce more pressure. Hence, you burp faster than anything.

Apart from the carbonated drinks, here are the fast burp fuels:

  1. Soda
  2. Beer
  3. Sparkling water
  4. Slurpees

When you think this is a problem with your stomach and you are not burping naturally, grab your favorite cold drink and burp on command.

3: The Reverse Sip

It’s another technique if you are wondering how to make yourself burp on command. The reverse sip relies on biology and anatomy; the results can be staggering if executed properly.

Here is how it is done in the right manner:

  1. Fill a glass of your favorite beverage.
  2. Bend over it as you are trying it drink water from a fountain.
  3. Place your lips on the glass sides and tilt the glass so the liquid moves into your mouth steadily.
  4. Take smaller sips in a series until you finish the drink.
  5. Stand up straight and let the magic begin.

The reverse sip technique yields similar results as a carbonated drink, allowing you to swallow excess air with liquid. The technique works with every beverage and is best for instant burping.

5 Tips That Can Help You Burp

There are hundreds of how to burp on command YouTube videos, but you can only help once you experience it yourself.

So, if you are into learning how to fake burp for beginners, you must know the following tips:

1: Build gas pressure in the stomach.

The first tip is to build up pressure in your stomach for burping. Drink a carbonated beverage or a soda quickly before manifesting. Drinking through a straw will increase the amount of pressure even more.

How to burp on command Reddit answers suggest that you can also trigger the gas pressure by drinking water using the reverse sip technique mentioned above in detail.

2: Build stomach gas pressure by eating.

Another tip is to develop stomach pressure by eating gas-causing food such as apples, pears, peaches, carrots, chewing gum, and hard candies.

3: Exercise.

Go for exercising, walking, jogging, or cardio to force the gas out of the stomach fast. Lie on your stomach and curl your knees in towards your chest. Make abdominal muscles tight when you feel a burp coming.

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4: Change the breathing way.

A change in breathing way can help increase the chances of a burp, such as breathing while sitting straight. Now, you may be wondering how you burp loudly on command. Getting air into your throat by sucking air through your mouth will create longer burps that sound loud.

5: Take antacids.

The antacids contain calcium carbonate that aid in creating excess has and can help you burp more.


How do you force the gas out?

By belching, you can force the gas out of your stomach. You can also learn how to burp on command.

Where do you hit a burp?

Get maximum air into your throat by sucking the air through your mouth until you feel an air bubble in your throat. Block your mouth with your tongue and release the air slowly.

What is the longest burp ever?

The longest burp recorded ever is 1 minute 13 seconds and 57 milliseconds.

What is the loudest burp ever?

The loudest burp in males is 114.2 dB, achieved by an Australian, Neville Sharp.

Can burping too much hurt you?

Burping 4-6 times after a meal or drink is normal. But burping more when you are not eating or drinking can point to something more serious, which can be due to acid reflux or gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD).


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