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How To Take Out Soft Locs Easily?

How To Take Out Soft Locs Easily?

How to take out soft locs

Soft locs, as the other traditional locs like box braids; butterfly locs, look elegant and classy. Depending on your chosen locs installation method, you can easily take down soft locs quickly. Continue reading to learn more about how to take out soft locs.

Soft locs look natural and add no extra tension to your scalp. There are various soft locs installation methods including twisting of braids. Likewise, the soft locs take-down methods vary depending upon which installation method you or your stylist used.

Furthermore, it also depends upon the soft locs hairstyles. In this blog, we will share how to take soft locs out with different techniques. Continue scrolling to learn more.

How to take out soft locs | Follow simple methods

Different methods of taking down the soft locs are available depending upon the locs installation method used. Some methods contain cutting the hair while others work without it.

Additionally, some methods are used for soft locs take down at home.

Before starting the procedure, take the conditioner and water in 1:1 ratio and make a mixture to soften the locs. Don’t rush. Take all the time and perform untwisting.

Use the tools such as crochet needles or rat comb. Now, let’s have a look at the various methods of taking down soft faux locs in no time.

1: Untwisting

In this method, we will share how to take out crochet soft locs from your natural hair without any damage to natural hair.

If your soft faux locs were installed using the knot method in which the soft locs are crocheted into the base of the plait, this method is specifically for taking down your locs.

Start by holding the single locs from the base and twisting them in opposite directions. In this way, the soft will untwist and loosen up easily.

Untwist the locs until you find two types of hairs; one the natural hair braid and the other unraveled wrapping hair. Pull the braid out.

Take down the wrapping hair around. At this point, you will be have both crocheted locs and the braids. Hold the loc and braid and pull out the braid from the locs. This way, you can easily take down the locs and enjoy free curly hair.

2: Knotless method

Another most popular method to take out soft locs is without the knotting technique. This method is quite easy and simple.

Depending upon the locs installation technique, you can also remove the soft locs at home. If your locs were installed by the knotless method, this is the right technique to take down soft faux locs.

Start by holding the locs at the base and untwisting it. Untwist in the opposite direction of your wrapped hair. Perform untwisting until you see the loop where you crocheted the wrapping hair. Next, cut down the wrapping hair.

This makes it easier to take down the locs.

Repeat this technique on all the locs. Cut down the rest of the locs from the loop. Undo the braid and take out rest of the soft faux locs. Perform on all locs.

3: Unwrapping

This method of taking down the soft locs resembles the untwisting. Just like above mentioned methods, start by untwisting the locs in the opposite direction.

For instance, if your wrapped hairs are in the right-hand motion, untwist them into the left-hand motion to unwrap the locs.

After completely untwisting the locs, you can easily see the wrapping hair you used to install soft locs. The hair will be in a different texture, so it will be easier to detect them.

Your natural hair will be in the braid. Cut the wrapping hair and keep unwrapping. Pull out the hair from the loc and cut the locs. Keep untwisting and remove the locs by sliding them off to remove them fully.

How to Take Out Faux Locs Without Cutting?

Taking out soft locs is possible by using certain ways and strategies. The best thing is to go back to your stylist and ask for a takedown session.

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The loctician will know better which method was used for installation, so it would be better to take down the locs without cutting.

Steps to remove faux locs:

  1. Spray conditioner and water mixture on the locs.
  2. To take down the faux locs without cutting, start from the untwisting locs from the base.
  3. Untwist the hair starting at the base.
  4. Use the crocheted needle tip to open the hair strands. Untwist until you find the braid.
  5. Pull the braid out of the soft loc.
  6. Unravel the braid completely.
  7. Pull the loc downwards until it is separated.

You can get professional services if you have short time to take down your own soft locs at home. The locticians take less time and remove the locs professionally without cutting the locs hair.

Bottom Line:

To sum up, it is possible to take down soft locs without cutting the hair. If you know how to install soft locs, you can remove the faux locs more easily.

Make sure you reach out to the loctician who installed the locs to take them down to avoid any issues. Do not take down the locs when you are in a hurry.


How long does it take to take out soft loc?

Depending upon the number of locs, it may take from one to two hours. Additionally, the skills and experience of a loctician also count.

Are soft locs hard to take out?

No. Removing the soft locs is easier than installing the soft locs. If you know the right method or technique, it takes no time.

What is the easiest way to take down the soft locs?

The easiest way to take down the soft locs is to use the conditioner and water mixture to make the locs soft, following the untwisting and unwrapping of braids.


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