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What is Linzess? Linzess Pros and Cons of IBS Drug

What is Linzess? Linzess Pros and Cons of IBS Drug

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Linzess is an advanced drug used to treat medical conditions like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and CIC (chronic idiopathic constipation). However, Linzess pros and cons make this drug debatable among users. Therefore, if you are also a user of this drug, you must know its pros and cons before its use.

In this blog, we will share some merits and demerits of this drug on overall human health. Then, continue reading more to learn more about why Linzess is dangerous. Who should not take Linzess? Do Linzess side effects go away? How are Linzess and depression related?

What is Linzess?

Linzess is a drug used to treat irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation patients. The common symptom for both these medical conditions is constipation, for which Linzess is useful. It softens the stools by increasing the water content and making it passable through the intestine.

Linzess performs its role by activating the GCC receptors in the intraluminal gut epithelium. As a result, chloride and bicarbonate-rich fluid secretions reach the intestinal lumen through chloride calcium. It also activates the smooth muscles and increases peristaltic movements of the gut, leading to increased motility.

In this way, it is effective in patients with IBS, but the studies also show Linzess long-term side effects that can’t be neglected.

Linzess Pros and Cons:

Here we will describe some pros and cons of Linzess with other laxatives and stool softeners. Keep scrolling to add some amazing knowledge to your memory.

Pros of Linzess:

Linzess is a common and popular drug effective in constipation and related diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome. Here are some Linzess uses that make this drug reputable for patients.

1: No systemic involvement

Linzess, also known as Linaclotide, acts locally and doesn’t get into systemic circulation. As a result, the drug does not get absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, it has more benefits along with minimal systemic side effects.

2: Relieves constipation

One of the major uses of this drug is in patients with constipation. It increases the gut motility and water content in the stool leading to relief from constipation. In addition, its dual action makes the drug more potent than other drugs and laxatives used to treat constipation.

3: Linzess dosage

Unlike other laxatives and stool softeners, the drugs are administered twice or thrice daily. Linzess is taken one time a day before breakfast and is found effective. The once-daily dose is efficient and easy to take for patients. The recommended dose is 290 mcg orally once daily.

4: Painkiller

Apart from stool softener, it has another amazing action as a pain reliever in patients with visceral pain associated with IBS and constipation. It performs major action on the local nerve endings and acts as an abdomen pain killer.

Cons of Linzess:

Linzess is considered a 100% safe medicine but can cause serious side effects such as diarrhea in children. In addition, some studies reveal that individuals who take this medicine regularly for a long time make their intestines dependent on the drug.

With so many benefits, many drugs show effective side effects on various body systems. Just like other laxatives, it also has some side effects. Let’s have a look:

1: Age limit

The drug is not recommended for use in individuals younger than 18 years and in children of age six or younger. This is because younger individuals may develop diarrhea and other dehydration.

2: Dehydration

The drug is potent enough to disturb the gastrointestinal system. Therefore, one must be very careful about the drug dosage. In addition, it can cause severe dehydration and diarrhea in some cases, especially in people younger than age 18 years.

3: Gut bleeding

Another potential Linzess side effect is bleeding from the gut. The studies reveal that in some patients, it has caused gut bleeding.

4: Discomfort and bloating

The drug has shown negative effects for some patients, such as bloating and discomfort. For individuals who are concerned about why do people gain weight on Linzess? It is due to the bloating that increases the body weight.

Young children can develop severe diarrhea and may face severe dehydration. Further, they will need hospitalization to prevent kidney injuries and hypotension.

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5: Non-OTC drug

One of the Linzess side effects is needing a prescription from your gastro-specialist. It is not available over the counter, unlike other laxatives and stool softeners.

6: Pregnancy care

Although the drug is available locally, the studies show no safety in pregnant and breastfeeding females. So, getting a prescription from the doctor before use is suggested.

7: Expensive

Linzess is an expensive drug than other laxatives. Other laxatives and similar effect drugs are 100 times cheaper.

Luckily, studies reveal no Linzess weight loss side effects. The patients taking this drug in the long term have not shown any impact on their weight. Therefore, there are no side effects of the drug as weight loss. Furthermore, some food items such as fatty foods, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages may worsen the symptoms. Therefore, Linzess and coffee must not be taken together.


How long does it take for Linzess to kick in?

It takes almost one week to relieve constipation.

Can you skip a day of LINZESS?

Try not to skip the dose. But, if you skip the dose any day, take the dose the next day morning before breakfast.

Does LINZESS clean out your colon?

Yes. Linzess does clean your colon and helps with poop. It softens the stool and helps with intestinal movements.

Can your bowels become dependent on LINZESS?

The drug is not addictive, but the long-term use of the drug may make your intestine dependent on medication for moving waste out of the body.

How long can you stay on LINZESS?

There is no limit to taking this medicine. You can take medicine following your doctor’s prescription if you have the disease.

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