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Top Slayer Tasks to Block! Osrs spiritual creatures

Top Slayer Tasks to Block! Osrs spiritual creatures

Osrs spiritual creatures

Although Slayer’s work can be fun and interesting, it can also drag and ultimately be pointless. Depending on the type of loot you’re looking to get, the skills you’re looking to improve, and just what you like, there are some killer jobs you may not want to do. In this guide, I’ll go over some different Slayer jobs that might not be worth your time and should be on your block list.


Spiritual creatures

Spiritual creatures are bad. They are some of the most annoying monsters on this list when they give you next to nothing good, and the “good” things are good. Osrs spiritual creatures can refer to Rangers, Warriors, and mage. Steel/Iron Dragons

They are not good, have terrible experiences, and hourly wages are also far to reach.


The Suqahs fall into the same category as the original demons. You won’t have the same problem with them depending on your current level. In this case, the Suqahs are terrible to deal with if you don’t have a gun yet. I would recommend blocking them and don’t fight them until you get a gun. After that, go to town and have fun.



A definite #1 block, Drakes, is all wrong with dragons but just more prevalent. Not only that, but they are still a waste due to the lack of good drops.


The Wyrms closely follow the Drakes and share many of the same issues. The only thing they are interested in is that they give good money to new players. If you’re a bit lower level and don’t have a lot of money, Wyrms might be worth your while. However, if you’re past that point and money isn’t an issue, go ahead and block them if you can.

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Black Demons

Black Demons are an interesting type of situation. Although they can be good (well enough not to be blocked, anyway), the same is not true in the first level. If you’re just starting out, Black Demon Slayer’s career can be pretty gruesome without many failures to show for it.

It is recommended that you discard the action for now and consider checking only when you have a few levels under you.

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