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Takuache haircut mullet: trendy & Stylish Hairstyles for Men

Takuache haircut mullet: trendy & Stylish Hairstyles for Men

Takuache haircut mullet

Even if you never heard about this haircut, you’ve surely seen or come across a Takuache haircut mullet meme in your life!

A guy with a Mexican-style Caesar cut became a meme many years ago. Originally this unique-looking hairstyle taken from Cillian Murphy’s French crop in the popular TV show Peaky Blinders. The fringe line on the forehead and high fades on the side is the funniest part of it!

So, what’s this hairstyle about? Why is it so popular?

Takuache haircut mullet cut, also known as Edgar Haircut, is a well-known cut in the world of hairstyles. Blunt straight bangs and unique shapes make this style popular meme content in the world of pop culture. On the internet, it is described as the most hated haircut. Some people love this eye-catching and unusual hairstyle, and some don’t. However, despite the love-hate treatment, this haircut has always been a stylistic statement that flaunts boldness and edginess.

Today takuache cut is not only one of the most controversial hairstyles but also one of the trending styles in the world. Many people don’t think this hairstyle is ugly at all; they believe it is one of the men’s classic haircuts.

Are you also planning to get a takuache haircut? If yes, keep reading on!

Today in this blog, we’ll tell you everything about the edgar haircut takuache style. From what it is and why it is popular to whether you should get it or not and more. We’ve also gathered up some of the top takuache boy’s and men’s hairstyle ideas.

What Is The Takuache Haircut?

Takuache haircut mullet cut, or edgar haircut, is a tapered hairstyle with simple, straight bangs. The back and side hairs are usually buzzed short. And the hair on top is much longer as compared to the side hairs, and these long hairs are styled in bangs using a lot of gel.

Takuache cut is not just only a haircut; it is beyond that. This is because it is considered a lifestyle belonging to a Latin-American subculture in many parts of the world, including Mexico and America. In this culture, Takuache boys and young men have these haircuts and like to listen to trap music, drive huge trucks and wear expensive Mexican-style costumes such as boots and hats.

This unique hairstyle is also known as the hood bowl and Cuh haircut. Today this hairstyle is gaining popularity again.

What’s Wrong with the Takuache Hair cut?

Actually, there is nothing wrong with this haircut! It’s just that it is one of the most controversial haircuts on the internet. Some people even called it “the most hated haircut in the world.

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So, why do people call it weird or hate it so much?

The main reason behind the controversy is that this hairstyle is quite different, and you don’t see it daily. Another reason could be that the takuache haircut is associated with a Latin-American subculture that many people don’t understand or agree with. That’s why they call it funny or weird!

However, no matter what, the takuache is still one of the world’s most talked-about hairstyles right now! Many people love it and try it!

Should You Get A Takuache Haircut?

Thinking hard about whether you should get a takuache haircut or not? Yes, you should! Gone are the days when people considered it ugly. Today many hairstyles inspired by the edgar cut. And most importantly, if you feel confident in it, you should definitely go for it!

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