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Where could Keiko Fujimoto be? Ex of Ramesh Balwani

Where could Keiko Fujimoto be? Ex of Ramesh Balwani

Keiko Fujimoto

The ex of the notorious financial specialist Ramesh Balwani, Keiko Fujimoto, used to be an American-Japanese craftsman. She acquired prominence as the ex of Ramesh Balwani. She was the Chief and leader of Theranos.

Keiko’s significant other confronted a ton of analysis in view of his organization’s odd biotechnology claims. Presently Ramesh is confronting significant claims on account of his organization’s supposed unlawful practices and in any event, mishandling his sweetheart.

Where is Ramesh Balwani Ex Now/?

Fujimoto is for the most part known for being the ex of Ramesh Balwani, before that she was a conspicuous name in the Japanese Media business. In the middle between being hitched to Balwani and separating from him in the December of 2002, Keiko and Ramesh carried on with an exceptionally luxurious way of life in San Francisco. After Ramesh’s legitimate difficulties, Keiko began keeping away from the spotlight and effectively evading any media consideration. Her ongoing whereabouts are not known.

Not long after the separation, she moved back to Japan and worked there. Other than that, no confirmed cases can be found.

Is there a Keiko Fujimoto Wikipedia?

No. Keiko doesn’t have a Wiki page, yet that is most likely on the grounds that she needs to stay under the radar. In any case, you can in any case find her television deals on IMDb.

She began her profession as an entertainer in “Takajin mune ippai”, a Japanese television series in 1994. Then she turned into a broadcaster with her incredible speaking abilities. Her last television adventure was as the broadcaster for the small-scale series called “Unjustifiable”.

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Truth About Keiko Fujimoto’s Identity

The ex of Mr. Balwani is from Japan where she was brought up. Nonetheless, she might’ve gotten American citizenship subsequent to the wedding to Ramesh. Nothing can be said for sure as several have not examined this matter freely. At this moment, Keiko is living in Japan (last revealed).

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